2008 09/01

The first ‘Oh crap’ moment of 2008

I have yet to lock Abbi in the car, which is quite surprising to me. I can be so absent-minded sometimes, especially since being pregnant. I have had a few moments with Abbi where panic had taken over my body — she’s gotten her chubby legs stuck between the bars on her crib and the bars on the dining room chairs, but I knew that if I could not pry her leg out that I could always cut the crib or chair apart. This time was different.

The other day Abbi and I were getting ready to run some errands. I left her in the house while I ran out into the garage to start the car and put her carseat back in. When I went to go back into the house, the door was locked. ‘Excuse me? How in the world is the door from the garage to the house locked? It is never locked. Did Abbi figure out how to lock the door? She’s certainly tall enough to reach the knobs and she tries to turn the knobs. But could she really lock the door? She must just be holding on to the knob.’ So I tried harder. And harder. And harder. It was locked.

This shouldn’t be such a big deal but we have only two copies of our house keys. One key is in my purse and the other one is, well, somewhere (I’m not sure at this point). No problem, I’ll just grab the key from my purse. Ummm, I remember my purse still being on the kitchen counter….with my cell phone. So there I am, in the garage…locked out of my house…where my toddler is….with no keys….no cell phone….and every door and window in my house is locked. I could run over to one of the neighbors and borrow their phone to call Tim, who is a half our away and who does not have a key to the house either. Oh, and he just got a new cell phone so hopefully I can recall the new number from memory while panicking! My heart is no longer beating at this moment! ‘Which window would be the easiest to bust and cheapest to replace?’

Thankfully, the Lord must have been watching out for me because somehow I had put my purse in my car when I came out into the garage. I totally did not remember bringing my purse out with me. My heart began beating again. I grabbed the key out of my purse and busted into the house. There Abbi was, just hanging out in the living room waiting for me to tell her it was time to go. Breath, breath, breath.

Oh, and it wasn’t Abbi who locked the door. Apparently Tim had locked the door to the garage the night before because we were hearing some weird noises outside and he knew it would make me feel better to have the house all locked up. Needless to say, we’re getting more keys made and going to hide one somewhere outside. I just need to come up with a creative, not so obvious but easy for me to remember, place to hide it.

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