2008 19/01

The test

Well, I went through with the three-hour glucose test that my OB wanted. I was really dreading having to sit in the clinic waiting room for three hours in uncomfortable chairs, bored out of my mind, not being able to leave. However, it pleasantly turned out better than I had thought. The nurse was super nice to me and gave me a private room in the clinic with a bed, bathroom across the hall, water & ice machine outside the door, my own tv, and even a warm blanket. So, three childless hours where I could lay in bed, read my book, and watch whatever I wanted to on tv. All it cost me was 16 hours of not eating or drinking (except sips of water), having to drink 10 ounces of that nasty orange drink, and four vials of blood. Not horrible. I did finally finish my book (One More Day) and got to watch Regis & Kelly and some of The View.

Even though the three hours went ok, it has been the past 24 hours that has been less than stellar. I felt pretty sick by the time I got home because I had not eaten in so long — not the best thing for a pregnant woman. And since then I’ve been pretty tired. The doctor said I should hear from them on Monday about the test results. Keeping my fingers crossed. If my numbers were to come back high again, then they would set me up with a dietician to adjust what I’m eating OR put me on a medication to help my body work with the insulin it is making OR put me on insulin shots (worse case scenario). I’m just hoping that the first screening was an off day for me.

In other OB/pregnancy news, I have two possible leads on OBs who will consider me for a VBAC. I’m going to call them on Monday to set-up times where I can meet with each of them. I know it’s late in my pregnancy to be switching doctors, but I won’t rest (or accept the C-section option) until I’ve exhausted all of my other options. One is a recommendation from my chiropractor so I’m really hoping that one works out.

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