2008 15/01

Third Trimester ‘Not so’ Woes

After that depressing post I thought I would give some happy news about the third (and FINAL) trimester! After all, this is going to be my last pregnancy and I do want to revel in the amazing and wonderful moments as well.

This child is so active. I remember Abbi being active but just shoving her feet into my ribs mostly. This one is kicking all over the place and really all day. I’m guessing she hears all of the noise her big sister is making and doesn’t want to miss out. Abbi has also begun to understand a little more about the baby, as much as two year old can I guess. I’m sure she has no idea what is in store for us when this baby does arrive, but she does understand that Baby Sister is in mommy’s belly. We even include Baby Sister in our prayers now. I’m really glad we found out the sex of the baby because I think it is helping Abbi to grasp this crazy concept a little more.

It has been nice because I don’t feel in such a rush with this baby. I don’t have to worry about setting up the nursery or making sure we have all of the baby necessities. I just have to pull out the boxes that all the baby stuff is packed away in and make sure it is all clean and useable, which can be done the week before wee one comes along. It will be fun to unpack all those tiny little baby clothes again. I’m looking forward to that part. And I really need to start buying diapers so we have a stock. I did that while I was pregnant with Abbi and it was so nice not having to go buy diapers for the first few months after she was born. However, since I’m still buying diapers and pull-ups for Abbi, buying more diapers just doesn’t seem like fun to me right now.

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