2008 15/01

Third Trimester Woes

Well, the third (and last, praise the Lord) trimester has had a rough start. Besides feeling absolutely huge and tired, I flunked my glucose screening test. Now I need to go in on Friday to the clinic and do a three hour glucose test, which should give them a better indication on whether it was just an off day for me on the first test or if I am having a problem with my insulin. I never had this with Abbi so it is all new, and scary, for me.

Apparently, even if I do flunk the second test, that does not mean that I necessarily have gestational diabetes. It just means that my body is having trouble with my insulin and may need a little help through diet or a medication (in pill form). Thankfully my OB is not worried at all and is not anticipating that I will need to do insulin shots. PHEW! I cannot imagine having to shoot up with insulin every day. I watched my grandpa do that for years and years and really have no desire to ever do it. And I’m not so sure I could recruit Tim into giving me the shots either.

Needless to say, when they called me with the results at the end of last week and told me I would need to do the three hour test (did I mention that I have to sit at the clinic for three freakin’ hours, by myself, bored out of my mind, not allowed to leave?) I felt like a complete failure. Not sure exactly why. Could be all these pregnancy hormones that seem to be way worse this time around. After talking to the OB and hearing that he is not worried about my results, I feel much better. The problem that still exists though is that my Kinesiologist is very hesitant for me to do the test. He says that all that sugar really has a bad effect on the baby. He wants me to refuse the test. I understand where both of the doctors are coming from and really have no idea what to do. I have such anxiety over disappointing someone and, no matter what, someone will be disappointed in me.

I also have anxiety over doing the “right thing”. Besides the glucose testing stuff, we have to decide on whether or not we will be scheduling a C-section for this birth or doing a VBAC. My OB and our local hospitals will not consider me for a VBAC because they feel that the chances of this baby not fitting through my small pelvis is pretty high again (although, I’ve been reading things to the contrary on the internet). Because Abbi was not a big baby (only 7lbs) and had to be taken C-section, they feel I will end up in the same situation this time around. So, I either stick with my OB and to our local hospital and do a C-section OR try to find another OB and deliver in the larger hospital an hour away. The other glitch in the decision making process is finding another OB who will take me on as a VBAC. My OB informed me that because my glucose screen was high this time, another OB may be hesitant to do the VBAC as well. I believe it has something to do with the possibility that the baby will be larger this time around. GRRRR.

So, two tough decisions to be made. And I HATE making decisions, especially these days. I can’t even decide what to make for lunch or dinner, how in the hell am I supposed to decide these, slightly more important, things?

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