2008 28/02

New Finds

Since work has been utterly slow this past week and Tim has been working late, I’ve taken advantage of my down time by searching around on the web for some fun new sites and blogs. Some of them I have already linked to on the sidebar of my main blog page, but here they are […]

2008 26/02

Trying to be content

Apple just released the new MacBook Pro today! Woo Hoo! The MacBook Air is very cute, sleek, sexy, but I LOVE my MacBook Pro. I love the bigger screen and am not ready to be completely wireless. Yes, I’m old school and like the security of having my dvd/cd drive & burner. That is why […]

2008 26/02

Pregnancy update

I’m at about 34 1/2 weeks now. Although there is no way of telling when this child is going to come, we’re pretty much planning on any time now since Abbi was 3 weeks early. At the same time, we’re well aware that she may hold out until the last possible moment. Either way, she […]

2008 26/02

Please bring back tolerable TV

Last night we had absolutely no plans so, after putting Abbi to bed, we just vegged in bed watching tv. Well, I watched TV and Tim messed around on the computer. There was absolutely NOTHING on tv last night. Normally I would then turn on the Wii or do some sort of housework, but I […]

2008 24/02

New Specs

Here are the new glasses. I know, I look thrilled. I really hate taking my picture while pregnant. My face has reached new degrees of roundness. Oh well, we can’t all look like Christina Aguilera pregnant.

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