2008 13/02

Daddy wears Dora panties

Abbi has been in this phase lately where she wants to do everything just like mom or dad, usually dad. She brushes her teeth like dad. She takes a nap like dad. She gets dressed and puts on her shoes and coat like dad. She truly is his little clone. Honestly though, it does make getting her to do things a little easier. I just tell her we’re going to do something just like daddy does and she happily complies, most of the time.

My favorite though is when she wants to go potty just like daddy does. Ummm, I hate to break this to you my little love, but you can’t go pee-pee just like daddy does. And if you can, that will be super impressive. Never the less, it helps to get her to sit on the potty when I tell her that she is doing it just like daddy does. Then she tells me that she’s going to wear her big-girl Dora panties just like daddy does. I laughed so hard the first time she busted out with that one. Apparently daddy wears Dora panties. Now that is a real man! Especially since daddy has a deep desire to beat Dora with a blunt object on most days.

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