2008 15/02

Feeling HUGE

After seeing my new OB yesterday they have placed my “official” due date as April 4. The nurse also informed me that that would be my “cut-off” (or should I say “cut-open”) date. If I make it to April 4 then my OB will schedule me for a C-section because they cannot induce me. I guess when they induce someone who has had a previous C-section the risk of uterine rupture goes up significantly. That’s a nice visual hey?

So today I am 7 weeks away from that due date. And last night was the first time that I felt so far beyond uncomfortable. Actually I was feeling pretty uncomfortable all day yesterday and that uncomfortableness lasted all night, leaving me with very little sleep. I think I just might need to take Abbi to the mall to run off some energy at the play area.

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