2008 21/02

Feelings of accomplishments

On a typical day I really don’t get much done. Well, I guess that is how it would appear to someone else looking in on my life. I spend the majority of my day playing with Abbi, picking up toys, cleaning up after “art time”, making meals and cleaning up after those meals, doing laundry, cleaning the house, and making multiple trips to the bathroom (for both myself and Abbi). Sounds like a lot but, at the end of the day, you really can’t tell that I did 90% of that. You would have thought I just sat on the couch, watching trashy daytime tv and eating chocolate. Mmmmm, wouldn’t that be nice! Confession: I do watch a little trashy daytime tv every once in a while and I do sneak some chocolate when the child isn’t looking.

Today though my lovely babysitter is watching Abbi for a few hours (I HEART Thursdays!!! I HEART Angela!!!) so I can get some stuff done and get a break. Most Thursdays I feel like those few precious hours fly by way too quickly and I only get done a tenth of what I need to done. But today was the exception! I saw the chiropractor, got my new glasses, picked some stuff up at the local super hardware store for Tim & delivered it, went to the bank, and even had time to stop for a hot chocolate & bagel and post this. It amazes how much one can get done when you’re not toting children around!

I will be very interested (and fearful) to see how it will work when I’m toting two kids around with me. Really? Do you get anything done at that point? I don’t know how women who have three or four kids do it. And those who have triplets or quads or more!!!! Seriously I would hire a full-time assistant/nanny to be with me 24/7. I’m such a wimp!

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