2008 17/02

How I know

The older I get the more quirks I seem to acquire. For example, when making a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, I can’t stand it when you put the pb and the jelly on the same piece of bread. Peanut butter goes on one slice of bread and the jelly on another and then you can slap them together. I think that one is pretty normal.

This one may not seem as normal. Being pregnant I need to sleep with a body pillow so my back and hips aren’t killing me in the morning. So I’ve taken over possession of the one body pillow we have for the time being. The quirk: I cannot sleep with the opening of the pillow case near my face. I’m not sure why. Maybe it is because I fear I will be swallowed whole by the pillow. Or maybe I fear that I will crawl inside the pillow case in the middle of the night and never find my way back out. Either way, I CANNOT sleep with the opening near my head!

I was telling Tim about this quirk a few months ago as I was flopping the body pillow around to be the right way. He just gave me that “had I only known this about you before we got married” look. Then, just the other night, as we were crawling into bed, he told me that he now makes sure that the pillow case opening on his pillows are not facing towards my face. That was one of the sweetest things he has every said to me. He was genuinely concerned about my ability to sleep peacefully at night! Even if it is just a stupid quirk.

The other sweet thing the hubby has done lately….he sent Abbi and I each a Valentine’s Day card. In the mail! This is a huge thing since he really can’t stand Hallmark Holidays. So, days before the actual holiday, he went to the store, picked out cards for each of us, bought stamps, and made sure they were in the mail in time to get to us on Valentine’s Day. That seemingly small act was better than any flowers, chocolate, or jewelry he could have gotten me.

Those are just a few reasons why I know I got one of the good ones….quite possibly the best one.

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