2008 13/02

Irony biting me in the butt

Although my official due date to have this baby is still up in the air, it is certainly sometime at the very beginning of April. That would be approximately 7 – 8 weeks away. That does not seem like much time at all. YIKES! As much as I enjoyed Abbi arriving early when she was born, I’d certainly appreciate it if this one sticks closer to the date (whenever that may be). I’m hoping the new doc sets an official due date when I see her tomorrow for planning purposes. She has already said that she will not let me go over my due date more than a day or two before she’ll insist on a C-section. It would be helpful to know that last possible cut-off date so the grandparents can make plans. I’m such a planner. That is why I’m sure this child will be super early or push it to the last minute, just to throw me off.

So, speaking of the C-section…..did you know that April is C-Section Awareness Month? I feel like someone is playing a practical joke on me! Maybe I would be okay with this child coming at the end of March, naturally!

Oh, here’s some fun news, for me. I checked with Nextel as to when my contract with them expires and, let the excitement build, it expires this July!!! July 6 to be exact. Which is exactly three days after my birthday. Hmmmm. What great timing for a certain husband to buy a certain wife a certain iPhone! Actually I already made the hubs fully aware of the timing of all of that and he replied to me, “well, we’ll just have to get a pair of iPhones for your birthday.” Not exactly what I had in mind, but whatever. I guess I can share the gifts on my birthday. Wow, it’s just like when I was growing up and my younger sister would have to get gifts on my birthday too so she wouldn’t cry like a little baby (just kidding Terri). Seriously though, I totally remember that she and I would both get gifts on each other’s birthdays, just to keep the peace. My poor family!

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