2008 11/02

Mommy needs some new Tech

Just like most people, I like to find ways that technology can make my life easier. More specifically, since most of my time is spent being a mom, I like to find ways that technology can make being a mom a little more fun, a little bit more efficient, and, well, a lot easier. Thus why I want an iPhone, although I think I need to make a stronger case than I would be the coolest mom on the playground.

Thankfully the hubby keeps us pretty well informed of the latest and greatest gadgets and programs out there. He found this one through his secret lover, Cali (just kidding honey). From what I understand, this program would turn my cell phone (when I get the iPhone…..ah ha, strengthening the case) into a little video camera where I can stream the video directly to the internet and, I assume, upload it to my blog. HOW FUN!! In theory, I could capture those fun moments of everyday Abbi and share them with the world, or just daddy and the grandparents.

Case in point — we were in the grocery store today and Abbi decided to bless me (and all those around us) with the entire Sesame Street song or at least what she could remember of it. It was great. Something I wish I could have shared with Tim. I do take short videos of Abbi around the house but then I need to find time to upload them, edit them, and then post them on the website. All things that take time, time I find spending doing other things like showering.

Right now I believe Qik is only supported on Nokia phones, but it sounds like they are looking into adding other phones. Please, dear Qik friends, add the iPhone! Hopefully, by the time the iPhone is added, I will have paid our property taxes, gotten new glasses, saved up the money for the iPhone, and convinced Nextel to let me out of my current contract without any fees.

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