2008 28/02

New Finds

Since work has been utterly slow this past week and Tim has been working late, I’ve taken advantage of my down time by searching around on the web for some fun new sites and blogs. Some of them I have already linked to on the sidebar of my main blog page, but here they are again:

Mod Mom — Fun blog that features some of the newest, yet retro, baby/kid products. She even periodically has “give-aways”.

Goodyblog — Another fun blog that features new baby/kid products, crafts, and ideas to make parenting a little easier and more fun. Again, more “give-aways”.

RookieMoms — ”A blog about pregnancy, babies, toddlers, and the products that go along with these experiences.”

StartCooking.com — So I’m not the greatest cook. Ok, I really don’t cook at all. Mostly I’m intimidated to try new recipes with the fear of spending all that money and time preparing something that turns our horrible. However, I do feel the need to break us out of our typical weekly menu and try some new recipes, or twists on those old favorites. I really like this site. Not only does she offer recipes & pictures, but she does a featured recipe each week with a “how-to” video.

Pretty Babies — Another fun mom blog.

Cool Mom Picks — A blog featuring some of the latest mom and kid products. Very fun! And more “give-aways”!!

EtsyJodi turned me on to this site. It has some very fun handmade products that are just absolutely great. You could spend hours looking around on here so be prepared. While you’re there, check out The Big Trade Off’s items (Bon*Bons). She has some very cute kids clothes on there!

Day Tipper — Hundreds of quick tips about beauty, family, finances, travel, etc. The tips are short and to the point, making it easy to read when you only have a minute. Some very useful stuff on there that I would have never thought of. Not so sure how I feel about just throwing away my socks and underwear when on vacation to make more room for souvenirs, but it’s worth a thought. Also, you can sign-up to submit your own tips and even earn money!!

There you have it. Those are my favorite picks for the week (or month). Enjoy!!

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