2008 26/02

Please bring back tolerable TV

Last night we had absolutely no plans so, after putting Abbi to bed, we just vegged in bed watching tv. Well, I watched TV and Tim messed around on the computer. There was absolutely NOTHING on tv last night. Normally I would then turn on the Wii or do some sort of housework, but I was having some pretty regular and uncomfortable contractions. I figured, under the circumstances, it would be best for me to just rest and not go into labor.

We ended up watching “Moment of Truth” on Fox. Have you seen this show? I don’t understand why anyone would go on that show! Granted I have only seen one episode (maybe they are not as intense as last night’s episode) and I understand that the lure of one million dollars is pretty enticing, but come on! This girl ended up admitting to her husband of just two short years that she was in love with someone else on their wedding day, feels like she should have married her ex-boyfriend, and has cheated on him. All in the name of the pursuit of money. The kicker is that she ended up getting a question wrong and loosing all the money. Ironically enough the question was whether or not she felt like she was a good person. So, in one short hour program, a woman destroyed her marriage, caused tension in her family, and walked away with no more money than she started with.

After that we watched “Jon and Kate plus 8”. I had seen lots of previews for this show but never watched it. I loved how real and honest they were. They were not trying to portray parenting as being easy or a dream come true. They were real — the good, the bad, and the ugly. Certainly made me appreciate that we are stopping at 2!

So that was our wasteful evening of tv. I’m hoping that the contractions ease off today so I can get some cleaning done. The weather is snowy, cold, and windy today so it’s a stay at home day today for sure.

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