2008 04/02

Pregnancy Dreams

All of a sudden I’m feeling like the end of this pregnancy is so close. Some days I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever and then other days I feel like it’s gone by so fast. I’m anxious to have this pregnancy over with (mostly anxious about how the labor and delivery will go) for many reasons. This pregnancy has not been as enjoyable as my pregnancy with Abbi. I felt great when I was pregnant with Abbi and had no problems. This pregnancy has had one small issue after another. Thankfully though, no big issues. I also miss getting down on the floor and really playing with Abbi. She has so much energy and I don’t these days. Mostly though, Tim and I are really excited to have our family complete. To have both of our girls here home with us and just being a family together.

That being said, I must be honest when I say I’m freaking out a little that in 9 short weeks we will be bringing home a newborn. Are we seriously ready to embark on that adventure again? I guess it’s a little too late to be asking that question.

Oh, so the pregnancy dream. I really haven’t had many weird dreams or at least I don’t remember them. I have had a few scary dreams involving lions. I guess I’ve moved on from bears to lions now. But the other night I had a dream that I went in for another ultrasound to check the size of the baby and they told me she was going to be 14 pounds! WHAT?!?! Fourteen pounds is not a baby. That is a toddler, ok not quite but close. I’m sure the dream was brought on by the fact that when I met with my new OB last week she told me that they would be checking the size of the baby close to my due date to make sure she wasn’t too big do deliver naturally. Although I know that this dream is just me being worried about being able to deliver this child naturally and not some premonition about my baby being huge, it still freaks a girl out.

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