2008 03/02

Probably Jinxing myself

I believe my house is on the upswing of this sickness. Thankfully it really only lasted a few days for each of us, but, when you multiply that by three, it felt like forever. All three of us are still coughing a little but we’re all feeling much better.

Despite feeling like death on Thursday, I fully took advantage of my babysitter coming in for the afternoon and Tim and I went to look at a few houses. The first house we were not all that impressed with so that one is no longer a contender, although the location is nice. The second, oh the second. The location is nice, nice wooded back yard but still in a little neighborhood. The house itself has some good size rooms, lots of useable square footage, but doesn’t feel too big (yes, we actually walked through a house a week or so ago that was just too big for us….never thought I would say that). I really liked the layout, loved the kitchen, really liked the decor, LOVED the sun porch! The only negative I could find was the garage — might need to fine tune my driving skills to pull into the garage and allow enough space for Tim to also pull in there and it’s only a 2 stall garage (Tim would really like a 3 stall). The price is even somewhat within our price range (I think we could offer them a little less).

So, the downfall? We need to sell our condo first. Well, we need to finish up the basement and then sell our condo. Oh, and we need to pay off some debt. Oh, AND we need to come up with a down payment. We need to do this all before someone else snags the house from us. The worse part (and this is how I now I’m jinxing us) is that I’ve already pictured us living there. I’ve pictured how we could put little mud-room lockers in the sunroom for the girls to hang their coats and put their shoes. I’ve fallen in love with the yard and how it has a fire pit area and yet it is still large enough to put up a nice wooden swing set. How the sun porch will be so enjoyable this summer and how the (future) dog can hang out there on the cool tile floor. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Less I fail to mention that the house is just down the road from some parks, an elementary school, the grocery store, and Tim’s work. Double Jinx. Triple Jinx. Jinx times one million.

Lots of stuff need to line up for this to work out for us. Basically the planets and stars all need to align for us. But one can hope!

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