2008 26/02

Trying to be content

Apple just released the new MacBook Pro today! Woo Hoo!

The MacBook Air is very cute, sleek, sexy, but I LOVE my MacBook Pro. I love the bigger screen and am not ready to be completely wireless. Yes, I’m old school and like the security of having my dvd/cd drive & burner. That is why I’m super excited about the new MacBook Pro. Yes, the increased processor speed is awesome but I’m even more excited about the Multi-Touch trackpad. It is the same trackpad that is found on the MacBook Air that allows you to pinch, rotate, swipe, tap, double-tap, and drag all with the movement of your fingers. So fun!!!

But, as much as I’m drooling over this new beauty, I’m going to remain content with my current laptop. We have way too many other things we need/want to do with our money and, sadly, a new laptop does not make that list. Ahhh, to be filthy rich! I would be at the Apple Store today!

This is me, trying to be content!

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