2008 10/02


This past Thursday I had to take my laptop into the Apple store to have them replace the battery (free) and replace one of the fans. I’ve/we’ve been dealing with this for months now. I have had to keep my laptop plugged in at all times because the battery would not work. Kind of sucks to have a laptop but be restricted to being plugged in all the time. So it is nice to be cord free again! One of my fans was also all messed up. Any time I would run any sort of editing program or video on the web (including sites running flash), my fan would run so loud. Seriously, it sounded like my poor computer was going to launch off of my desk or lap. Not to mention how stinkin’ hot it would get.

I was reluctant to take it in to get fixed because I figured it would cost me lots of cash and they would need to keep it for a week or so. The cost I probably could have dealt with but not having my computer for a week would have been horrible, especially since Tim no longer has a laptop. After being daily nudged by the husband to take my computer in, I finally did it. And now I kick myself for not taking it in sooner. Chris at the Genius Bar is my hero. They replaced my battery for free and had a fan in stock. They fixed my laptop in just over 24 hours! HALLELUJAH! 

Now I have a quiet computer, that doesn’t singe my legs and I can take it anywhere in the house without being plugged in! Oh, and Tim swears it runs faster and smoother now. I would have to agree with him. We celebrated the safe return of the laptop by spending the evening watching GeekBrief TV and Diggnation, without having to crank up the speakers in order to hear it over the fan.

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