2008 11/03

Dropping — Part 2

I completely forgot to mention the incident that happened while I was at the doctor yesterday. I was at the doctor this week by myself because, well, I really didn’t want to subject Abbi to my pelvic exam. So, I scheduled the appointment while Angela was here babysitting. Abbi already likes to come home (after she goes to the doctor with me) and pretend to do everything the doctor does during the appointment. She likes to check the baby and pretends to hear the heartbeat. Not so sure I want my 2 year old pretending to do pelvics.

Anyhow, I walked into the waiting room and was greeted with a stench beyond all stenches! I looked around and noticed a grandma trying to wrangle up her two older grandchildren because the baby she was holding had just had an explosive poop. I walked over to the check-in counter and the grandma walked up behind me. I then heard her say, “Oh David! It’s all up your back.” Insert me beginning to feel nautious. I knew she was waiting in like to ask about a bathroom so I politely told her it was just around the corner. She was very thankful. And I was very thankful to not have the smell lingering behind me.

I felt horrible for her because I’ve been there and it sucks! And in just a few short weeks, I will be there again.

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