2008 10/03


I had my an appointment with my OB this morning where she did a pelvic exam to determine how I’m progressing. (Sorry, I should have warned you that this post could get graphic.) Apparently the baby has dropped, I am 30% effaced, and the baby is at the -2 station. All that to say, the doctor is very confident that I will be able to deliver this baby. Woo hoo! I love having a doctor who has a positive demeanor!

It’s interesting because I never felt Abbi “drop” toward the end of my pregnancy. It could be because my water broke so early and she never really did drop. I can feel this one pushing lower and lower in my body every day. It has become more uncomfortable and harder to sit without being in a somewhat reclined position and has become more difficult to crawl out of bed to go to the bathroom 4 times/night. Ahh, the joys.

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