2008 22/03

Happy Easter

I am EXHAUSTED! So very exhausted. This week has worn me out. I have been cleaning, doing laundry, making & freezing meals for after the baby is born, and getting stuff ready for Easter. And did I mention that my babysitter is gone on Spring Break this week? We are all super excited to have Angela back next week! I think Abbi has asked about her every day since last week. Serious Angela withdrawals over here! I really don’t know what we’re going to do this summer when MIss Angela heads back home. Sadness! Anyhow, I did get 5 meals made & frozen and two desserts made for tomorrow! I still have one more meal to make next week and want to make and freeze some cookie dough! Mmmmm, cookie dough!

Being that I am exhausted and that Tim was going to be gone today, I decided to not dye Easter eggs with Abbi. Ok, really I’m just a wimp and didn’t want to clean up the mess. Not that Abbi really knew any different or cared. I did let her “color” some eggs this afternoon though. She was just as excited to color on the eggs with her sparkly markers and crayons so why create more work for myself. I thought about hiding the eggs in the morning and letting her do a little Easter egg hunt (indoors because we have a foot of snow on the ground now) but I think we’ll just skip that this year and do the Easter basket instead. She’ll be pretty excited to get her new pink soccer ball, sailboat for the bathtub, and some beach toys. Of course she was there when I bought all of that but she’ll be excited to finally get her new toys. The rest of the basket is filled with candy for me and a special treat for Tim.

Tomorrow we will be heading to church in the morning and then to Tim’s sister’s house for dinner. Should be a great day! I hope your Easter is just as wonderful!



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