2008 03/03

How would we really do?

Last night Tim and I watched Here Come The Newlyweds on ABC. It was actually pretty cute. Of course it brought up the typical question of “how would we do if we were on that show?”. Surprisingly, Tim was pretty confident that we would have done well in their first two challenges. The first challenge had the guys blindfolded and each of the wives had to come along and give them a kiss on the cheek. Each husband then had to figure out which kiss was from his wife. I was SHOCKED that 6 out of 7 of the husbands guessed correctly. The next challenge had the husbands blindfolded once again but this time there were driving a minivan and the wives were navigating them through an obstacle course. Tim thought for sure that we would cruise through that course no problem because he loves to drive and actually likes when I help him navigate. I was flattered that he thought we would do so well on that, considering the end of the course was parallel parking and I HATE parallel parking. I will drive around a parking lot three or four or fifteen times to avoid parallel parking. It’s nice to know though that he thinks we make such a good team!

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