2008 04/03

I’ve got gas….and it’s someone else’s

This morning Abbi and I went out grocery shopping and when we got home we were welcomed by a gentleman from our gas company. Kind of freaked me out because he came walking into the garage while I was getting Abbi out of the car. Hi, do you think you should be sneaking up on a pregnant woman? Do you want me to go into labor?

Anyhow, to rewind, about a week ago our neighbor (who is quite bizarre most of the time) stopped by to ask me if I had received an unusually high gas bill this month. I hadn’t even gotten the gas bill yet so I couldn’t help her out (although I did get it later that day and it wasn’t any higher than usual). Apparently her bill was really high considering she had been living at her parents’ house for the past month or two (she just gave birth to twins in December). I guess she called and complained to the gas company and thus why the gentleman was at my house today.

Apparently, six years ago when our condos were built, the gas company ran her gas line to our meter and our line to her meter. Therefore we’ve been paying each other’s bills for the past six years. Seriously, it’s been SIX YEARS! So the guy was here today switching the lines over. CRAP! We’ve been enjoying having our house toasty warm for the past six years because our gas bill was never horribly high. Now I’ve got the heat cranked back down to a normal temperature because I’m afraid of what our bill will end up being this next month.

The best part was when the gas guy said that the gas company would probably be contacting me to figure everything out. Figure everything out? Unless they are calling me to sincerely apologize for the mix up and for shutting my gas off for an hour today, I don’t see why they are calling me. We are certainly not going to be paying the difference in our gas bills for the past six years. Sorry SEMCO, you’ll just have to eat that cost. However, I really hope my neighbor fights with them to reimburse her for the extra she’s paid over the past six years. It will be interesting to see how it all works out. In the mean time we are turning the heat down! Good thing I’ve got all these pregnancy hormones that are keeping me warm these days.

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