2008 31/03


Abbi has really been using her imagination lately, which I love! I think it has also helped her to begin playing by herself a little more, something I was really hoping would happen before the baby came. I want her to be able to play by herself and not always depend on me, as I will be often changing diapers and feeding the baby. Anyhow, she’s been talking with her stuffed animals and baby dolls more, cooking them dinner and putting them to bed. My favorite though just happened today when she took one of her maracas and pretended that it was a price scanner (like at the grocery store), scanned all her princess stickers, put them in a little brown bag, told me it was $49, and gave me the bag. She did everything just like she has seen at the store.

It made me want to run out and buy her a whole little play store. I honestly have to hold myself back sometimes from running out to the store and buying her everything — a little kitchen, a little store, a tool set, a toy camera. The only reason I don’t quickly run to the store — oh besides the fact that those things aren’t cheap AND Tim would kill me AND we’re running out of room in this house — is because I LOVE watching her imagination grow. I love watching her find other toys in her toy box and use them in new ways.

I love this age! Despite the challenges, and oh are they challenges! With her imagination has come a whole new found independence and opinions! When I told her it was time to leave the mall play area the other day, she told me she needed to play for “just one more minute”. Excuse me? Did we just start bargaining?


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