2008 05/03

The days are numbered

I have four weeks left until my due date but I’m seriously doubting that we will make it even close to that date. Tim really needs to finish up this project at work. He’s really worried that I will go into labor before he is finished with it, which would really suck considering he is the only one who can do the work. And, honestly, I’m a little worried too. I know they say that with your second child you can feel like you’re in labor for weeks and I’m really hoping that is the case for me. Keep your fingers crossed (and I’ll keep my legs crossed) that I make it another week or so. I really want to make it through next weekend because Tim has plans and I am scheduled to get my hair done and have a mani and pedi. Priorities. Oh, not to mention I need to get the car seat out of the storage room, wash up all of the nursing & bottle stuff, and freeze some meals for our post-baby survival. That being said, I need to quit blogging and get my butt to work!

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