2008 07/03


This is yet another thing that Tim found on the web. He is the one that turned me on to Twitter and then he found this very nice (and short) video that helps explain what Twitter is. I love Twitter. It’s so nice to send short little updates of what I’m doing during the day instead of taking the time to do a full blog post. I can let Tim know that I’m having a really crappy day without bothering him at work. He can check my updates at his leisure and then call or IM me to tell me how sorry he is that my day is going so crappy :) And it’s been so nice to stay connected with Tim’s brother in Alasak and his niece (away at college). Anyhow, if you have never heard of Twitter or are skeptical of what it is, check out the video below. Then, when you sign up, let me know so I can follow you!

Nursery Rhymes from Stacey Lynn on Vimeo.

Video is from CommonCraft.

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