2008 21/03

Week 38

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, which was super exciting because I’m very ready for Winter to be over with. I loved seeing the snow melt this past week and the birds return (which Abbi really loves). Then today happened and my yard is now covered in snow. Michigan weather, like it or not, it’s always got a slap in the face for you!

The good thing about today is that I’ve hit the 38th week of pregnancy. The good part about that is being one week closer to being done. However, that does not help my comfort level. The lower this child moves down in my body, the more pain I am in. When they did my C-section with Abbi the doctor was trying to be kind and made a small incision. Apparently he made the incision too small and ended up tearing some of my abdominal muscles when pulling Abbi out. It’s been two years and those muscles have still not fully healed. I usually double over in pain when I sneeze. So, as the baby’s head moves down and stretches those muscles, I sit in pain. Though there is not much I can do about the pain at this point, it does make me realize that an epidural may be in my future with this labor.

As far as how I’m progressing….well, as of Wednesday the baby was still at a -2 station but I was 75% effaced and I think the doctor said I was even dilating. Before she left the exam room she did make the comment, “Maybe I’ll even see you yet tonight.” Well, it is now Friday and I’m still pregnant. Maybe this weekend, although I hate to pass Abbi off to friends or family over Easter. I’ll keep you updated!

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