2008 30/04

I love free stuff

I love getting good deals. Even more, I love free stuff! So I was super psyched when I read about this deal on another blog (can’t remember which blog). Here’s the scoop: This is a little case for your iPod (or any MP3 player) that is a small portable speaker. The case is small yet […]

2008 30/04

Missing my wingman

Tim is gone most of this week at a conference down in Indy. Was I completely out of my mind when I said, “Of course you can go to the conference. Zoe will be three weeks old by then. I should be fine taking care of the girls by myself for a few days.”? I […]

2008 23/04


A few weeks ago I posted on Twitter that I had created some t-shirts for the girls. Well, they finally got to wear them and below are some pictures. The story behind them: I bought Tim a DiggNation t-shirt (something he’s been wanting) as a “woo hoo, we’re having another kid” gift. I wanted to […]

2008 23/04

Not my finest moment

So, the chances of me winning “Mother of the Year” anytime soon is pretty much laughable! The combination of adjusting hormones, lack of sleep, and nonexistent nutrition leaves me cranky and short-tempered most days. My worst time is during those late night/early morning feedings. I know you’re probably saying, “treasure those feedings and that time […]

2008 23/04

Big Sister

Throughout the pregnancy I was a little concerned how Abbi was going to do when Zoe actually arrived. She’s had mom and dad all to herself for the past 2 years. Was she actually going to let another little being come in and take some of the spotlight? Would she act out? Regress? Want to […]

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