2008 23/04

Big Sister

Throughout the pregnancy I was a little concerned how Abbi was going to do when Zoe actually arrived. She’s had mom and dad all to herself for the past 2 years. Was she actually going to let another little being come in and take some of the spotlight? Would she act out? Regress? Want to take Zoe back to the hospital where she came from? Wait, am I talking about Abbi or me?

Well my worries have been put to rest, at least for now. Abbi has become a really great big sister. She loves helping out with Zoe. She shakes up her bottle, helps burp her, rocks her, brings her toys and blankets, and gives her kisses ‘goodnight’. She’s always concerned about Zoe and needs to go check on her when she’s sleeping in the bedroom. She even does ok when Zoe cries, unless we are in the car and then Abbi usually ends up crying too. I think she cries when Zoe cries in the car because she can’t just go into the other room and escape the crying. I don’t blame her, it makes me want to cry some times too. So, all in all, she’s been a great big sister.

I would be lying if I said it has all been cute fluffy bunnies and daffodils. We have had our share of problems with Abbi since Zoe’s arrival. Abbi’s whininess and mood swings have been majorly amplified these past two weeks. Wait, again, am I talking about Abbi or me? Recently she has decided that she just can’t do things. For some reason she just can’t help clean up and she just can’t put on her shoes and she just can’t get her panties changed. Irritating! She also needs to be carried the three feet from the bedroom to the bathroom. I’m trying to be patient with all of this because I expected there would be some regression. And it’s not horrible. We just remind her of all of the great things she gets to do when she behaves like a big girl and that seems to help.

We’re all adjusting and that’s about all I can say.

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