2008 30/04

Missing my wingman

Tim is gone most of this week at a conference down in Indy. Was I completely out of my mind when I said, “Of course you can go to the conference. Zoe will be three weeks old by then. I should be fine taking care of the girls by myself for a few days.”? I can only attribute my lack of judgement to my lack of sleep!

I’m actually surprised at how well things have gone so far. I probably just shot myself in the foot by saying that. I still have two nights and one day to get through yet before Tim gets back. Things could drastically go downhill within that time. Here’s the rundown on how it has gone so far:

Day One pretty much sucked my butt. Probably one of the worse days we’ve had. Of course I was super emotional about Tim leaving and that was graciously coupled with Zoe being super cranky and Abbi being super defiant. I think Abbi spent a good portion of the day in time-outs. Just when I thought the afternoon could not get any worse than the morning, I was faced with the worse temper tantrum Abbi has ever had. This topped all tantrums known to man and, of course, I was in the middle of feeding Zoe when it happened. I mean screaming at the top of her lungs and crying so hard. I could do nothing more than make her sit against the wall until she could control herself, which seemed like an eternity. I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t come over to find out what was going on. It was a good thing I was tied up feeding Zoe because I’m convinced that it saved Abbi’s life.

Night One went surprisingly well. Abbi did wake up twice during the night though. The first time I didn’t go into her room because I think she may have been talking in her sleep and I wasn’t about to risk waking her up if she was actually sleeping. The second time she was crying because she couldn’t find her blankies and Gus. Thankfully she went right back to sleep after I tucked her back in. That could have gone much worse. Zoe did really well with going back to sleep after each feeding until her 4am feeding. She decided to start fussing again at 5:15 and was awake for the remainder of the morning. Of course then Abbi was up at 6:30. So the three of us snuggled in my bed for a little while until Zoe needed to be fed again.

Day Two — Abbi did a 180 from the day before. She was in such a good mood all day. She pretty much spent the day at my side, taking care of her baby doll as I took care of Zoe. She would feed her, burp her, change her, give her medicine, and put her down for a rest. Then she would help me with Zoe. She helped make the bottles and burp her and settle her down when she was fussing. She even helped me give Zoe a bath tonight. The best part is that Abbi is no longer crying in the car when Zoe cries. She talks to Zoe, telling her it will be ok or that we’re almost home, and then gently rocks her car seat. I love watching Abbi take on the role of big sister. She has done so much better than I would have ever expected! Zoe did well today too. She was a little cranky this afternoon but nothing horrible.

So now I’m faced with NIght Two. Abbi is already in bed and Zoe is napping as well. I’m really hoping that tonight goes smoothly because I got zero naps today. Keep your fingers crossed! In the mean time I am missing my husband like crazy. Of course I miss having him around the help with the girls but I just miss having him here even more. I miss our us time when the girls are sleeping. I usually love having the bed all to myself every once in a while so I can sleep diagonally across the whole bed but this time I miss rolling over and having him there! I MISS HIM!!

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