2008 21/04

Still here, just tired

I only have a minute to write but I didn’t want to totally neglect the blog, which I have shamefully been doing. Right now Abbi is outside playing with Miss Angela and Zoe is just waking up from her nap. We have Zoe’s 2 week check-up this morning so I need to get her fed and ready before we go to that. That seems to be my life lately. Get Abbi fed, change the Zoe’s diaper, feed Zoe, get Abbi dressed, change Zoe’s diaper again, get Zoe dressed, get Abbi on the potty, try to get Zoe to stop crying, try to get Abbi to stop asking “why?” all the time, and now Abbi’s whining and Zoe needs to be fed again. Did I mention that showers and sleep are now a luxury — a luxury I’m not afforded on most days. Thankfully my husband pushes me to rest when he is home, although I don’t always take him up on that offer. Did I mention that we are stopping at two kids? I love kids but I think I will love my kids more if we stop with two.

Hey, guess who needs to be fed and have her diaper changed…

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