2008 11/04

The Birth ~ More details than you wanted to know

I finally updated Zoe’s page with the story of her birth. However, that would be the ‘G’ rated version. Here is the ‘not so G’ rated version.

Even though this is my second child it really felt like my first time giving birth. Abbi’s birth lasted 36+ hours (my first born). It was a long and slow labor that ended in a C-section. This labor could not have been more opposite!

The contractions started at 9pm at 20 minutes apart. Two hours later they were at 15 minutes apart. An hour later they were 5 minutes apart, getting stronger and closer together. But it couldn’t get any worse than this, right? Yes, I was a delusional idiot. By the time we got to the hospital I wanted the Anesthesiologist standing by, ready to shoot me full of every pain medication possible. Of course, when we did finally get there, the nurse took us into our room, had me change into a gown, and then had me lay down on the bed. She was being so casual about everything. Excuse me nurse, did I forget to mention that I want some pain meds, NOW!?!?!

When she checked me to see where we were at, I think she was a little shocked when I was already 8cm. At least it sounded that way when she quickly called for 3 other nurses, the delivery cart, and the doctor. Is this normal? They were just getting stuff ready for later, right? I mean we had lots of time yet. After all, I still hadn’t gotten my epidural!

The doctor came in a few minutes later, checked me and informed me that we should try pushing on the next contraction. WHAT? Excuse me? We’re doing what? Needless to say, about a half hour or so later, Zoe was out. I wish I could say that in that half hour I behaved like a champ, taking each contraction and push in stride. Not the case. I cried, I begged, I pleaded for it to be over, to make it stop. I know I looked into Tim’s eyes multiple times and begged him make it all go away. I know he would have if he could. But I survived it. It was a fast and furious labor.

I did avoid an episiotomy but had a few small tears that required stitches. Ouch is all I can say about that at this point. I am healing pretty well though. Much better than with the C-section. I think it helps that I have Abbi here and she needs me to be a functioning mom. So I can’t just lay in bed all day and I think that has helped to speed my recovery up. With the C-section it was weeks before I could even get out of bed on my own. That recovery was long and hard, both physically and emotionally on myself and Tim. This recovery has gone so much better!

So there you have it. I have officially experienced pretty much every aspect of labor and delivery possible. That is why I can confidently say that we are done with having kids now. Everyone keeps saying, “but you need to try for a boy yet.” Nope, we don’t. We are content with our two girls and feel like our family is now complete.

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