2008 30/05

New Blood

Tonight Tim, the girls, and I went to see a house that is for sale and has drastically dropped in price. We’ve been keeping our eye on this place for a while now because it is a log home seated on 7.6 acres. The house is now empty so we decided to let ourselves in […]

2008 30/05

I miss you

Hello Internet. It is me. I will try not to be hurt if you don’t remember me, although I remember you. It has been too long since we have spent any meaningful time together. The brief and rare times I do open my computer these days are spent quickly responding to emails, updating sites other […]

2008 22/05

A little nature lesson

Abbi: “Look mom, doves. Two doves.” Me: “Wow, that’s great honey.” Abbi: “He’s sitting on him. He’s doing piggy back rides.” Apparently we have some frisky doves here and our front walk-way is make-out corner. Those horny little guys were back the next day, “giving piggy back rides”. I might need to give “the talk” […]

2008 19/05

Mother’s Day….a little late

Yes, I realize that Mother’s Day was eight days ago. That should tell you how much free time I have these days. But I really wanted to post this so here it is, just a little later than I had hoped. Mother’s Day sucked this year. Sucked. In so many ways. On so many levels. […]

2008 15/05


Tim: “I’ll be right back, I need to go potty.” (that’s what having kids does to a 33yr old man, he’s reduced to saying “potty” a lot) Abbi: “I’ll help you daddy.” And she totters off into the bathroom with him. Tim: “Daddy doesn’t need help honey.”
Abbi: “Ok, I’ll just watch you.” Abbi: “Oh, good […]

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