2008 30/05

New Blood

Tonight Tim, the girls, and I went to see a house that is for sale and has drastically dropped in price. We’ve been keeping our eye on this place for a while now because it is a log home seated on 7.6 acres. The house is now empty so we decided to let ourselves in for a little tour tonight (thank you husband for boosting my postpartum fatty butt through that small kitchen window). The house is set at the end of a long dirt driveway and surrounded by woods, with a creek in the back. How wonderful — a semi-secluded wooded lot! I would love for my girls to grow up being able to build tree forts and climb trees!

As we drove up to the house we were greeted with a very large welcoming party of mosquitos. Very large mosquitos. They way they instantly swarmed our van made me realize that they had smelled our untapped blood supply from a good mile away. The minute we stepped out of the van they were on us. To make me feel better about the situation Tim said that we would get one of those mosquito eaters that clears your yard of the blood suckers. I swear I heard a few of those mosquitos laugh. As if any device was going to put a dent in their massive blood thirsty population.

So, enormous mosquitos carrying my toddler away aside, I’m not completely sold on the house. The price is phenomenal for that amount of land and location but the house is small and needs quite a bit of updating. We could push out a few walls to give us more living space on the main floor but I’m still not ready to pack our bags. It’s worth thinking about though. Oh, did I mention that we need to list and sell our condo first?

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