2008 01/05

Night #2 – I’m still baffled

I’m not sure where to begin with this one. If you didn’t read this post, let me first tell you that Tim has been out of town the past few days for a conference and doesn’t return until late tonight. Praise the Lord he is coming home tonight though!! Anyhow, last night. I put Abbi to bed and, after a half hour or so of talking, she fell asleep. Then, at about 9pm, I heard her crying. It was one of those light cries so I figured she was crying in her sleep. Sad, I know, but I certainly wasn’t going into her bedroom and risk waking her up. After a few seconds she stopped so I didn’t think another thing of it.

At 10pm I went into Abbi’s room to say “goodnight” and tuck her in again. Yes, she’s still sleeping at this time but it is just something Tim and I do every night. We always check in on her at night before we go to bed. When I walked into her bedroom I saw something on the floor. No it wasn’t Abbi, she still sleeps in her crib. Instead it was her diaper and pajama pants. What? Sure enough Abbi was lying in her bed with a bare butt. I got her out of bed and put her diaper and pants back on her and then had to change her bed sheets since, of course, she had peed. This whole ordeal woke Abbi up but I just held her for a minute and then tucked her back into bed. Thirty seconds later she was crying again, saying she wanted me to hold her. Then she started saying that the choo-choo train scared her. We could barely hear the train but it was enough to scare Abbi and keep her from going back to sleep. After a half hour of holding her in her bedroom, I convinced her that the train was gone and tucked her back into bed. She eventually went back to sleep.

Zoe did well with her first few feedings during the night but then was up for good at 5am. Needless to say I am super tired and am really hoping for a nap today. And I’m still baffled as to why Abbi removed her pajama pants and diaper in bed. I’m hoping this is not the start of some sort of trend. I have no problem gaff-taping her diaper on her at night.

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