2008 25/06

Clearing off your fridge

It is a fine balance between displaying pictures of loved ones on your fridge and keeping it from becoming overly cluttered. Because we intend to sell our house (eventually) I try to keep the pictures and clutter on my fridge to a minimum. Sorry, but I only keep those lovely Christmas card photos on the […]

2008 25/06

Wordless Wednesday

2008 24/06

If it only served me popcorn

I did not grow up watching any of the Star Wars movies. Prior to the year 2001 I had not seen any of the Star Wars movies in their entirety. I think I may have caught a scene or two through out the years but I really had no desire to watch them. That was […]

2008 18/06


Abbi has an imaginary friend, or at least I think she does. She’s always talking about “Gahkey” (I think that is how you spell it) and going to his party. Kind of sketchy if you ask me! She even includes him in her prayers. She never talks to him, just about him. Oh, and she […]

2008 17/06

Bath Time

Zoe did a little splashing around with Abbi before her bath was ready the other night. Abbi loved pouring water over Zoe’s legs and Zoe, well she just loves the water!

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