2008 15/06

3 years with, 3 years without

Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary. Wedding Anniversary that is. We’ve officially been married three years without children and three years with children. Of course we had a fun filled day: garage sale in the AM (what a bust), nap in the afternoon, and then dinner and a movie that night. Dinner was good but the movie…hmmmm. We saw The Happening and I was not impressed. I’ll just leave it at that.

So here are the things I miss about those pre-kid years:
Sleeping in until 9pm, eating breakfast, and then going back to sleep for another few hours
Eating dinner while it is still warm and with my husband
Seeing movies while they are still in the theater
Spontaneously taking off for the weekend
Relaxing Vacations…..or vacations at all

But here are the things that make it all worth while:
Having a toddler slide in between us and cuddle in bed with us
Listening to a toddler pray for us before she eats her dinner
Watching Tim and Abbi play in the sand together or Tim giving Abbi a horsey ride down the hall to the bathtub
Watching the kids’ eyes fill with wonder and excitement as we take them to new places
Feeling like our family is complete

It’s been a good 6 years. I love you honey!

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