2008 09/06

Because it’s Monday

Wow, today just really sucked. I’m not sure what it was exactly. Could have been the rainy dreary weather. Or that Tim has to work tonight. Or the fact that Abbi was whiny all morning. Or that she didn’t take a nap today. Or that Zoe decided to only take one 2 hour nap today….and was then cranky the rest of the time when she was awake. I guess it doesn’t matter why it sucked, it just did. So here are my random thoughts for the day.

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The new iPhone 3G is not being released until July 11. WHAT? We shall be tortured for four more weeks. Plus, I will need to figure something out because my current phone contract expires July 6. Hmmm.

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Beginning next week Tim will be out of town for three of the four following weeks. Again, I ask you, WHAT? I may go visit my parents during one of those trips but that is still up for debate. Zoe does not like her car seat at this point in life so it could be three hours of a screaming baby and Veggie Tales. Or they could both sleep the entire time. It’s such a crapshoot at this point. Not to mention the freaking price of gas. Pay off some debt or take the girls to see Grammy & Papa?

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it has been raining here the past few days. And when Is ay raining, I mean random down pours. Saturday night it rained a lot and in came down very fast. Many of the roads were flooded over and, although homes really didn’t get flooded, many fields, yards, and parking lots now look like small lakes. Unfortunately 5 people lost their lives in our area due to the flooding.

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