2008 25/06

Clearing off your fridge

It is a fine balance between displaying pictures of loved ones on your fridge and keeping it from becoming overly cluttered. Because we intend to sell our house (eventually) I try to keep the pictures and clutter on my fridge to a minimum. Sorry, but I only keep those lovely Christmas card photos on the fridge for so long, even though I do so appreciate getting them!

So, I thought this was a great idea — A digital photo frame magnet! It has a sleek stainless steel appearance and can store up to 66 photos. The frame scrolls through the stored photos for up to 11 hours. This seemed like a great gift idea for my mom or mother-in-law! How great would it be to have updated pictures of their kids and grandkids on their fridge! Then I thought through this logically. If this frame were on my fridge, I would need to update the pictures periodically. Otherwise, I would have last year’s photos still scrolling on the frame. I’m sure remember to do this the first few times, but then time would pass, I would forget, and last year’s Christmas pictures would be scrolling on the frame in July.

Then there is the battery issue. After 11 hours of happy photo scrolling I would need to charge the battery on the frame. I’m sure I would remember to do this the first few times as well, but, let’s be honest, the novelty would wear off and there would sit a battery-dead frame on their fridge. At least the frame would still look nice.

So, there you have it. It’s a nice idea but just not practical for me (or really any of my family). Don’t get me wrong. I like buying the impractical things for the mere cool factor just as much as the next person, but, for $54 I think I’ll stick to the photos you all mail to me of your beautiful families stuck to my fridge with the free magnets I get from my doctor’s office and insurance company.

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