2008 12/06

Conventional medicine disappoints me

Ok, brace yourselves here…..we have chosen not to vaccinate our girls. WHAT?!?! There I said it for you. Please save all of your “you’re putting your kids at risk of….” and “do you know the importance of vaccines?” lectures. I have done more research on this topic than any other in my life and I’m well aware. Probably more aware than those wanting to lecture me. Really, it has nothing to do with Autism either. It is a decision made based on a lot of factors, which I’m not going to discuss here, not yet anyhow.

Well, that decision has resulted in us needing to find a new pediatrician. Apparently our current ped’s office will not treat children if they are not vaccinated by 4 months of age. It is too bad because I actually liked this guy. The frustrating part was getting his 20 minute lecture on how important vaccines are. Yes, I understand that you believe they are important but I also understood that five minutes into our conversation. And yes, while I understand that it is your job to give me all this information, could you please be sensitive to the fact that I have already waited 35 minutes to see you, my toddler is hungry for lunch and getting really antsy as she pulls at my pant leg asking to go home, and my baby, who is stripped down naked for her check-up, is also fussing because she’s hungry. Seriously, got the point in the first five minutes.

I am not exaggerating. He seriously told me the same thing seven times. SEVEN!

The other frustrating, or comical, part was something he said in his 20 minute lecture. He said that there is absolutely no evidence that vaccines cause autism. Instead, according to him, there is more evidence that autism is linked to the pesticides, preservatives, and chemicals we ingest through our food and water. Ummmm, isn’t that exactly what is in those lovely vaccines — preservatives and chemicals? Needless to say, his “evidence” did not convince me.

So, it’s back to the drawing board yellow pages. I actually have one lead that I need to call this next week. I’m really not too concerned about finding a pediatrician because, if my girls were to get sick, I would take them to my chiropractor. I do, however, want to have a pediatrician on file if needed. We took Abbi to the pediatrician twice right after she was born for her “well-baby” check-ups but then stopped because we were badgered about the no vaccines thing and I really didn’t see the point in paying $20 for a nurse to weigh and measure my baby and put a dot on a chart. I could do that at home.

It may be a bit late for a disclaimer but please do not take all of this as me being a big anti-vaccine person. We chose not to vaccinate our girls. It is a personal choice. We are doing what we feel is best for our girls. If you choose to vaccinate your children, that’s great. That is your choice. I just hope that you do not take what a doctor tells you as the absolute truth. Do your research. Educate yourself. Scour the internet. Read books. Talk to doctors. Talk to other health providers. Talk to parents. Be informed.

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