2008 03/06


A few weeks ago I mentioned the DiggNation t-shirts I made for the girls. After taking pictures of Tim and the girls in their t-shirts I sent the pictures to Alex & Kevin at DiggNation. In the email I told them how I had gotten the t-shirt for Tim as a “woo hoo, we’re having another kid” gift and then made the girls each a t-shirt. Well, they must have thought my family was super cute or appreciated my efforts, because they read my email and showed the pictures on episode 149 (May 8) of DiggNation. I cannot begin to tell you how huge this is in our house! When I saw that we had made the show I had to call Tim, even though he was in the middle of rehearsal at church. HUGE! I believe my husband’s life might be complete now. Well, maybe if he made it on GeekBrief.tv. Then I think his life would be complete.

Feel free to watch the episode but I must warn you, they tend to use language and content that is not for the faint of heart. So, watch at your own risk. You can jump forward to the end of the episode if you just want to see my family. They read my email at approximately 35 minutes into the episode.

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