2008 18/06


Abbi has an imaginary friend, or at least I think she does. She’s always talking about “Gahkey” (I think that is how you spell it) and going to his party. Kind of sketchy if you ask me! She even includes him in her prayers. She never talks to him, just about him. Oh, and she told me that she had to sit on the little potty the other day because Gahkey was going to sit on the big potty. At least he cares about good hygiene.

I’ve asked Abbi what Gahkey looks like and all she ever says is that he wears a party hat. Well, duh mom, he’s having a party. Of course he would be wearing a party hat. How dumb of me to even ask.

I’m baffled as to where “Gahkey” came from. I mean, she randomly throws out weird names when she’s babbling about stuff but those are names that I recognize from cartoons. My only guess is that she got it from her Veggie Tales music. Possibly she has slurred together “God is so good to me”? It’s a possibility I guess. Regardless, Gahkey is certainly becoming a part of the family.

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