2008 31/07

Next time I’ll just order them online

I got my period earlier this week. How’s that for starting off a post? I’m usually not this in-your-face about such stuff but this is cause for celebration. Let’s be honest here, I just had a baby 4 months ago and am in no way ready to embark on that adventure again. I haven’t looked […]

2008 31/07

15 years

Over the weekend I was tagged by Tara @ From Dawn Till Rusk in her post about summing up the past 15 years of your life. Wow. 15 years. Seriously, that is more than half of my life on this earth. How do I sum up that? Well, I’ll sure try and I’ll even try […]

2008 30/07

Wordless Wednesday – Bathtime hair

2008 29/07

No more awkward conversations

I’m an email person. I would rather converse with someone through email than I would on the phone. I would consider this one of my downfalls or faults or weaknesses. Whatever it is, I’m not proud of it. If I do not recognize a number on my phone I will send them to voicemail and […]

2008 29/07

Finding Balance

Before we got pregnant with Abbi I decided that I really wanted to stay home with our kids. Tim happily obliged and encouraged me to do so. We have made sacrifices for this to work. If I had chosen to stay working full time, we may have been ahead a little more financially or enjoying […]

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