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15 years

Over the weekend I was tagged by Tara @ From Dawn Till Rusk in her post about summing up the past 15 years of your life. Wow. 15 years. Seriously, that is more than half of my life on this earth. How do I sum up that? Well, I’ll sure try and I’ll even try to keep it short…..or not.

In 1993 I was 14 years old and getting ready to enter high school. I loved high school and have so many great memories from that time. My freshmen year I got an MIP (Minor In Possession of Alcohol). The best part of that was that I had one very small drink of beer and then we got pulled over because we had a headlight out. That sucked. Sophomore year I started dating High School Boyfriend. We pretty much dated the entire time I was in high school. Boring. I did, however, go to my Senior prom with a guy other than my boyfriend.

In 1997 I graduated high school and left for college. I really didn’t enjoy my college years. I think it was mostly because I had spent the previous four years (or the previous 18 years) being a people pleaser. That was who I was. When I went away to college I really had no one to please. I no longer knew who I was. My freshmen year I broke up with High School Boyfriend who had been cheating on me. Bastard. Sophomore year I threw myself into studying and class. Then I flipped a switch that next summer and pretty much spent my time working at the mall during the day and drinking with those same co-workers at night. Loser. Junior year of college started out with me partying and dating lots and still studying hard. I was very good at balancing everything. Then I met Future Husband. Lucky for him (read that with much sarcasm) I was smack dab in this whole self-discovery spiral. Not so sure I’ve pulled myself out of that one yet. I also realized that I could very easily develop an alcohol problem (hey, thanks Biological Father for passing on that gene) so I have since laid off the huge consumptions of alcohol.

Somewhere in there Future Husband and I contemplated moving out to California with The Band. But then The Band broke up and those plans were scratched. But I did get a tattoo during that whole jazz. Oh, and my mom married my Step Dad who has become more of a dad to me than Biological Father ever was.

In 2001 Future Husband proposed to me while we were in Mexico and in 2002 we were married. We spent the next few years doing fun, just married stuff. Get your head out of the gutter. We traveled. We stayed out late Friday nights and spent lazy Saturdays sleeping in. He went from doing freelance work to being a 9 to 5er and I went from being a 9 to 5er to doing freelance work. I went from sleeping on an air mattress to two twin size mattresses next to each other on the floor to a CalKing pillowtop mattress….still on the floor.

In 2005 I gave birth to my first daughter and became a full-time mom. In 2008 I doubled my work load and had another daughter. While most days I want to beat my head against a wall, this is my life and I love it (in a sick masochistic kind of way).

So, there you have it, 15 years. I’m sure I could talk more about things that happened in those 15 years but I’m also sure that the only person who has made it this far in this post is my mom (Hi Mom).

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