2008 22/07

A little vacay

I cannot wait until Thursday. CAN. NOT. WAIT! We will be leaving (after my much needed chiropractor appt) to head north for a camping weekend with Tim’s family and some family friends. After this past month of Tim being gone so much and working so much when he was home and me being so busy with a new client, this little get away is very welcomed.

The place we will be camping at is a great family ranch where Abbi can play in sandboxes and on swings, we can go for long walks, and Abbi will even get to ride a horse for the first time…..we’ll see how that goes. And the best part? We will be self-contained in our own camper. It will not matter if it is hot or cold or raining because we can always retreat to the comfort of the camper. I know, it sounds very wimpy of me but I don’t care. There was a time where I would have opted for the tent and leaned more towards “roughing it” but not with a toddler and an infant. Camping with a toddler and an infant is roughing it enough for me right now. We camped with Abbi in a tent last year and it went ok but the poor girl had to sleep with so many layers on at night because of the cold.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to post again before we leave because I still need to go grocery shopping, do laundry, and pack up the camper. But, check back Monday for some fun pics and videos from the weekend!

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