2008 17/07

Becoming Discouraged

Ok Apple or .Mac or .Me or whatever you want to call yourself these days, I’m becoming very frustrated with you. And when I say frustrated I really mean pissed off. I’ve been patient. And I am not a patient person. I’ve defended you. After all, it’s not easy to completely switch your hosting/syncing/life program overnight. Especially when you have thousands and thousands of accounts to take into consideration. I’ve been patient.

It’s been almost a week now since you launched this whole MobileMe jazz. It seemed like it was going to be a pretty cool application. I looked forward to having my contacts, my mail, my calendars, MY LIFE, MY EXISTENCE accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any computer (and my iPhone). And I wouldn’t even have to bother with plugging my phone into my computer. All of my info would be floating somewhere in this little “cloud” (your term, not mine) known as MobileMe and it would automatically sync with the phone stored snuggly in my pocket. How wonderful! Bless you Apple. It seems like a lot to bite off and I’ve been patient.

My patience have officially come to an end. I’m struggling to find them. Even after receiving your “Thanks for being patient. We’ve fixed all the problems. We rock!” email, I still cannot sync my info to my phone and cannot publish my website without jumping through eight thousand hoops and manually uploading it to idisk which takes freaking forever. Thus why I have not posted all week. I’m no longer patient.

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