2008 10/07

Counting, Toddler Style

Abbi has been counting for a while now. Honestly, I’m not even sure how high she can count. Last time we did it she was up to 40, with some guidance from me. Since she was doing so well with the counting, I figured it would be a good time to keep working on her number recognition. Wow, that seems like a big technical term for knowing which numbers are which. She does well with 1-10 but it is the double digit numbers she tends to have troubles with. And it is understandable that she would have trouble because numbers 11-19 really don’t make much sense.

When teaching her the numbers we tell her, “See, the one is next to the nine. That is nineteen. The one is next to the eight, that is eighteen.” She understand that. Then we tell her, “The one is next to the three, that is thirteen. The one is next to the five, that is fifteen.” No. Not in her toddler mind. If the one and the eight is eighteen, then the one and the three is threeteen and the one and the five is fiveteen. How do you argue with that when it makes perfect sense? She is ok with the eleven and the twelve being called such because, to her, it is no different than saying nine or ten. But, when you start talking about the teens, she doesn’t understand why thirteen and fifteen don’t follow along the same lines as the other teens.

Obviously a toddler did not set up our numbering system.

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