2008 29/07

No more awkward conversations

I’m an email person. I would rather converse with someone through email than I would on the phone. I would consider this one of my downfalls or faults or weaknesses. Whatever it is, I’m not proud of it. If I do not recognize a number on my phone I will send them to voicemail and I pray that I will get someone’s voicemail when I call them. I said I wasn’t proud of this.

Well, the praying is over all thanks to Slydial. Yes, I should probably suck it up and force myself to actually talk to people but, until then, I’m totally using Slydial! Basically, you dial this number that connects you to Slydial and then they connect you to the person you want to call but it directs you right to their voicemail. Even if they have their phone right there with them it will bypass ringing through to them and just takes you directly to voicemail. How cool is that? No more awkward conversations with that guy you met last night but really have no desire to date. No more long drawn out conversations when all you want to do is say “sorry, we can’t get together for dinner this week.” Just think about how much time you could free-up if you could just go directly to someone’s voicemail rather than actually talking to them!


Oh, and did I mention that this service is FREE!! F-R-E-E baby! When you call their number you will have to listen to this short little ad so that could become annoying, but hey, it’s free. You can pay for the advanced service when eliminates those ads though. I’m going to try it out for a while and see how it goes. I’ll give you an updated review in a few weeks. In the mean time, check it out and let me know what you think.

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