2008 10/07

Counting, Toddler Style

Abbi has been counting for a while now. Honestly, I’m not even sure how high she can count. Last time we did it she was up to 40, with some guidance from me. Since she was doing so well with the counting, I figured it would be a good time to keep working on her […]

2008 09/07

Wordless Wednesday – the goat

2008 08/07

the Birthday, The Zoo, The Park

I meant to blog over the weekend but I was too busy enjoying some family time. Then I was going to blog last night but I got busy uploading photos and videos and then Zoe decided to get all congested and not sleep. Now I have about five minutes before Abbi wakes up from her […]

2008 02/07

Wordless Wednesday – the train

2008 01/07

She just had to inhale

Abbi loves blowing bubbles. She asks me every day if we can go outside to blow bubbles. I happily oblige because it is a pretty cheap form of entertainment for a toddler. And, besides being covered in bubble juice, it is pretty mess free as well. So I was really excited when I found the […]

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