2008 01/07

She just had to inhale

Abbi loves blowing bubbles. She asks me every day if we can go outside to blow bubbles. I happily oblige because it is a pretty cheap form of entertainment for a toddler. And, besides being covered in bubble juice, it is pretty mess free as well. So I was really excited when I found the Super Foam-erator over at Betz White. It looked like a very easy and quick craft that I could throw together with stuff already in the house and then Abbi would have a new way to blow bubbles. The Foam-erator is created by cutting the bottom end off of a plastic bottle. Then you secure a piece of terry cloth to the bottom of the bottle with a rubber band. When you dip the clothed bottom into a dish of bubble juice and blow through the top, you create this snake like trail of bubbles!

Indeed, it was very easy to make and Abbi was pretty excited when I showed her how it worked. Now she had a big string of bubbles that didn’t fly away! That is where the excitement ended. I handed the bottle over to her and explained how she had to put her mouth around the top and blow. She did as instructed and then, instinctively, she took-in a deep breath in hopes to create another string of bubbles. Unfortunately she took-in that breath through her mouth and ended up with a mouth full of bubbles!

Abbi was less than impressed. I found it hilarious! I could not stop laughing as, after doing it a second time, she persisted to wipe her mouth and tongue off on my shorts. Needless to say, that activity was over before it began.

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