2008 08/07

the Birthday, The Zoo, The Park

I meant to blog over the weekend but I was too busy enjoying some family time. Then I was going to blog last night but I got busy uploading photos and videos and then Zoe decided to get all congested and not sleep. Now I have about five minutes before Abbi wakes up from her nap so here is my super fast post.

We had a great extended holiday weekend. Tim took the day off on Thursday for my birthday and joined Abbi and I at the zoo. We left Zoe at grandma’s house so it would be a special day for just Abbi. After 20 minutes of tears because she did not want to leave her sister behind, she decided to enjoy her mommy/daddy time. The zoo was great. A perfect day for it. Abbi liked seeing the animals but had a very sort attention span for it. She would look at one animal and then want to trot off to find something different. Except when it came to the aquarium. She sat and watched the tide pool demonstration forever! Seriously. There were a few fish in the water but she really just loved the anticipation of the simulated tide coming in. Go figure.

The rest of my birthday was nice as well. We went to dinner as a family and then met Tim’s dad for some ice cream. Just a relaxed day to celebrate the end of my twenties.

Friday morning we took the girls to the park, yet another beautiful day, and then had Tim’s brother and his girlfriend over for some BBQ and Wii MarioKart racing. Because our girls are still so young we did not venture out for fireworks. We did, however, experience the fireworks our neighbors were shooting off. Seriously, these things were huge! Certainly not street legal. But no harm, none of our houses caught fire.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty relaxing. Tim worked in the studio on Saturday and then we went shopping on Sunday for some new shirts for Tim. Did I mention that we cleaned out his closet on Thursday night? Long overdue!

So, it was a great looooonnnngggg weekend. We took quite a few short videos and pictures throughout the weekend. I sold our Sony video camera and picked up a Flip just in time for the zoo trip.

A few of the 43 videos we took (they were short) can be seen here: http://vimeo.com/satcygirl/videos

And some photos can be seen here: http://gallery.mac.com/staceyheneveld#100034

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